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Musikinstrumente, DJ-Equipment und Zubehör. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic 2 stroke oil vergleichen und immer zum besten Preis online kaufen. Immer günstige Ersatzteile für ihr Auto am Start I suspect that you have a C85 and not an 85. There was no 85 HP Yamaha offered by Yamaha USA in 1991. If the motor is really a C85 model then the fuel to oil ratio is indeed 50:1 as robert suggests

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For 12 gallons of fuel add 30.7 ounces of marine oil (almost a quart) For 24 galons of fuel add 62 ounce of marine oil (2 quarts) For 36 gallons of fuel add 92 ounces of marine oil (3 quarts Re: 85 hp force outboard fuel/oil mix what is Hey FTB I just bought a boat with the same motor but an 89 and I have 2 issues with it you might be able to help me with. It is hard to get going. Stalls allot. It has new plugs and stators. The other thing is the motor slowly sinks down. Is there a hydraulic adjustment. Thanks Ric 2 Stroke Outboard Fuel Mix Ratio 50:1 100:1? Finding the right mix for your outboard. 2 stroke fuel oil mix chart In this guide we step through the why it's vital to get the right 2 stroke fuel oil mix and some methods to work out which ratio to use for your outboard

100: 1 is not a rich mix . Its about the lowest proportion of oil in petrol that you would get away with. Its only 1% oil. 50:1 contains twice as much oil ( 2%). Most 2 stroke outboards used 50:1 from about 1970 onwards. Before that they used even more oil Two Stroke Fuel Ratio Chart. How to read ratio charts: Ex. 25:1 (pronounced 25 to 1) means for every 25 parts/units of petrol you must add 1 part of oil. An easy way to work out the right amount is to take the volume of gas in mls and divide it by the ratio you want. E.g You want to mix your fuel at 40:1 and you have 8 liters of gas I just purchased a 13-footer with a 1992 Yamaha C30. This is my first Yamaha outboard. Unlike OMC, Yamaha seems to have stuck with a 1:100 oil/gasoline ratio recommendation for their motors. Are people comfortable with this? Much thanks. The Judge: posted 05-23-2006 12:35 PM ET (US

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This calculator allows you to work out the exact ratio of oil and gas needed for any two-stroke engines. How to mix oil and gas. Step 1: Begin by checking you are using the right measurement, as different countries use different units, i.e. liters, UK gallons, or US gallons. Find the correct oil/gas ratio for your particular engine so,yes ,my 1997 yamaha waveventure 760 puts out way to much oil at an idle as indicated by lots of blue smoke.im thankful for the info i read in this forum that the oil pump is not variable like on new machines.so the questions are: what is the correct oil/gas mix ratio if i run mixed /50/1 ,40/1, or can i install a newer oil pump that that will vary the mix down to 200/1 at an idle? thanx guys Bore x Stroke (mm) 82.0 X 72.0: Displacement (cc) 1140: Engine Type: In-line 2: Fuel: Regular Gasoline: Fuel consumption (L/h-tr/min) 35.0 L/h @5500 r/min: Full throttle operating range (tr/min) 4500-5500: Gear Ratio: Ignition System: Lubrication system: Pre-Mixing 2 %: Max.Prop Shaft Horsepower (Kw) 62.5 (85 hp) Maximum Power (Kw) Number of.

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Joined Mar 24, 2011. ·. 33 Posts. #5 • Mar 29, 2011. Muggzy said: Wrightbanshee said: spalding said: hey i was wondering what is the best ratio to run i've heard alot of people say 32:1 but on the back of the yamalube bottle it says 40:1. Click to expand.. Inner Peace by Mike Chino https://soundcloud.com/mike-chino Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/.. Joined: Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:23 pm Posts: 15 Year: 1998 Make: Yamaha Model: Exciter 27

As a general rule, you are trying to find a ratio of oil to gas that works best for your engine and its state of tune. In the 1970s riders preferred to run 20:1 ratios (20 parts gas to one part oil) Yamaha. YAMALUBE Yamaha 10W30 Outboard Mineral 4M FC-W Engine Oil - Gallon - LUB-10W30-FC-04. (0 reviews) $ 35.00 Read more. Add to Wishlist. Add to Compare. Yamaha. YAMALUBE Yamaha 2M TCW3 2 Stroke Oil - Gallon - LUB-2STRK-M1-04 For Yamaha 2 strokes (including power valve engines) the factory is very clear: This means that any TC-W3 oil which is an equivalent to Yamalube 2W is ok to use. TC-W3 is a marine specific certification which has been the industry standard for years. And, while this guideline paints a wide brush, it also says that basic (found everywhere) TC-W3.

Demonstration of Yamaha 85hp 2 stoke engine being run up on a work rack. Fuel mix 50:1 starts and runs wel The precise 2 stroke oil ratio depends on your manufacturers instructions, as each engine can have varied requirements. If you are unsure 40:1 is a middle range 2 stroke fuel ratio. This equals 25mls of two stroke oil to 1 litre of petrol. The two stroke mix ratio depends on the year your equipment was made, and/or the make of your equipment

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2 stroke outboard oil valvoline table of contents fast parts 2 stroke oil what is tc w3 gas bike faqs archer s bikes articles 2019 outboard motor er sEvinrude 2 Stroke Oil Mix Chart ZorasaIsland Water World Yamaha Outboard Motor 2 Stroke L Enduro 40 HpF25 25 Hp Outboard Motors Yamaha OutboardsElectric Start Kit For [ What is the proper oil ratio for a 1991 85 hp Yamaha two stroke outboard? The correct ratio for 1991 85hp Yamaha is 1:50. 1 liter of oil for 50 liters of fuel

i use a 2 gallon can (all i have) and put 8 oz. of cheapest 2 stroke oil you can find in my 2 gallon can and then take that down to the gas station and fill it with 2 gallons. that insures a very good mix, then you put it in the back of a truck and hit as many bumps as you can and by the time you get home you have the finest mixture of oil and gas Apr 30, 2019. #1. I am running a Yamaha KT 100, I started using just Redline 2 stroke oil in the recommended 16:1 ratio. Over the winter two separate engine builders recommend blending Redline with Castor, one said 20% castor the other up to 50%. The 20% guy claims Redline isn't very good as a lubricant, the 50% guy was non specific as to why A non oil injected, 1990 model, 2 stroke Yamaha outboard requires a 50:1 ratio, one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel More oil the better, I would recommend 32:1 or the highest amount of oil to fuel as is recommended for the bike. I made a post in the suzuki 2-st forums about premix ratios as I found an awesome post by a fellow TTer that I had to share

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Re: 50:1 or 100:1 for 2 stroke 30hp Yamaha. I run my Suzuki 30hp at 50:1 even though the manual states 100:1. The trouble with these and similar motors is that they don't get enough oil near full throttle with 100:1. So if you want you motor to last a long time without a rebuild then I'd use 50:1 - you won't notice any ill effects by the way

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Mixture chart for 50:1 ratio 1 gal gas to 2.6 oz oil 2 gal gas to 5.1 oz oil 3 gal gas to 7.7 oz oil 4 gal gas to 10.2 oz oil 5 gal gas to 12.8 oz oil 6 gal gas to 15.4 oz oil Most portable out board tanks are 6 gallon tanks. The most common practice is to mix 1 pint (16 oz) to the 6 gallons of fuel that they hold Instant Download Manuals for Yamaha Outboard Engines 2.5 HP 4 HP 6 HP 8 HP 9.9HP 15HP 20 HP 25 30 40 48 50 55 60 70 75 90 100 115 130 150 200 225 250 HP 4-Stroke & 2 Stroke Models Re: Best oil and mix ratio GP1200R stock? the manual says 32:1, i use full synthetic amsoil in mine at 32:1. I could do 40:1 with the syn, but, i like the extra oil as some added protection. 2014 Superjet, limited spec. 2017 Stingray 192, Yamaha 200

Check The Latest Price On Amazon! 5. YAMAHA Yamalube 2M Marine 2-Stroke Oil. It's always important to ensure the durability and well-functioning of your outboard engine, in which case you need good oil for it. Yamaha brings you just the proper product, that will ensure you will have a long-lasting outboard engine YAMAHA [2-Stroke] RD350 RZ350 (1981-1987) Engine Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T is an advanced, fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil for use in modern, high speed, high performance 2-stroke engines. Its fast burn, high protection formula is designed to release the full potential from highly tuned motorcycle engines. up to a fuel/oil ratio of. Additionally, with the 2-stroke, oil is mixed directly into the gasoline at a ratio of approximately 30:1 and combusted that way, so there is also no need for a separate system to lubricate the cylinders with oil. The fewer number of parts in the 2-stroke translates directly into lighter engine weight In this video we discuss on how to adjust Yamaha YB100 oil pump according to factory setting (workshop manual). This is a complete guide. If you have any que.. Most Jet Skis have a mixed oil to gas ration of 50:1. If you have an oil injection system, you don't have to worry about mixing the gas before you put it in. But if you don't have an injector, or if it breaks, the standard ratio is 50:1, or 2.5 ounces of Jet Ski 2 stroke oil to one gallon of fuel

if you are asking the oil /fuel ratio for a 2 stroke small engine. not being told the size, make or model makes an answer impossible however Stihl have a special 2 stroke oil that is mixed at the ratio of 50:1 and that will cover all ratios from 20:1 to 50: May 14, 2015. #3. 40:1 if you're running premix. 50:1 is safe if everything is 100% perfect, but 40:1 gives you a little leeway in case fuel isn't in the lines when you are first cranking. I HIGHLY suggest a primer of some sort if you don't already have one!!! My Bucket List and conquered waters Yamaha* WOT RPM Range Chart; HP/Model Year Wide Open Throttle RPM Range* Gear Ratio; 4: 1986-1999: 4500-5500: 2.08: F4 4-Stroke: 1999-2014: 4000-5000: 2.08: F4 4-Strok

6- 60HP Electronic Fuel Injection outboard motor compatible for Yamaha outboards (China best & largest outboards maket since 2005) US $3,598-3,998 / Piece. T90bel-D 90HP 2-Stroke Outboard Motor. F60BEL-D-EFI 60HP 4-Stroke EFI Outboard Motor. US $3,000-4,000 / Piece. 60HP 4-Stroke EFI F60BEL-T-EFI Outboard Motor. US $3,000-4,000 / Piece Yamaha 90Hp 2 Stroke Owners Manual. September 29, 2016 Repair Manual Yamaha Outboard Repair Manuals 3 Yamaha Outboard Repair Manual 18 October 2019 admin Download Mercury 90hp 2 Stroke Owners Manual - book pdf free download link or read online here in PDF The two stroke outboards are lightweight and compact yet deliver high power output. The engine structure is relatively simple and maintenance is exceedingly easy. Although we have lineup of four strokes, we also offer an extensive two stroke lineup to meet diverse global needs. 200-60ps. 40-25ps. 15-2ps Trusted two-cylinder two-stroke design is durable, powerful and extremely reliable. 100 to 1 Fuel Oil Ratio Superior manufacturing techniques allow a leaner oil mixture, reducing smoke, odour and engine carbon build-ups while also reducing oil consumption and running costs

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  1. 115 hp 90 hp 75 hp. Midrange 115 hp. Our 1.8-liter I-4 F115 is the lightest DOHC 115-hp In-Line Four on the water by nearly 25 pounds, leading its class in power-to-weight. It not only bests the competition, but it also beats Yamaha's previous F115 design, with a zero-to-200-foot acceleration time that's 0.7 seconds faster
  2. 2-Stroke Oil Mix Calculator. For a 50:1 ratio of gas to oil, use 2.6 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas. For a 40:1 mixture, use 3.2 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas. For a 32:1 mixture, use 4 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas. 35 Related Question Answers Foun
  3. Most two-stroke engines that are used for boats require a 50:1 ratio although there are a number of exceptions. If you are the new owner of a used two-stroke boat motor, always check the manufacturer's recommendation for the gas-to-oil ratio before you take the boat out for a test drive
  4. imum ring sticking, piston burning and spark plug fouling. It is designed for Yamaha outboards requiring premix fuel in the ratio of 100:1 and Yamaha outboards equipped with precision blend oil injection systems
  5. 200-60ps Two Strokes. Main specifications of the 200 to 60 horsepower two strokes. 200A / L200A. 150A / L150A. 85A. 70B. 60F
  6. Capacities & Specs » Yamaha Maintenance Matters. Select Engine Type XTO Offshore Four-Stroke V-MAX SHO Jet Drive. Select Model. VF250/VF250X VF200/VF225 VF175 VF150/VF150X VF115 F350C F225/F250/F300 F200/F225/F250 F175/F200 F150 F115 F75/F90 F70 F50/F60 F30/F40 F25 F15/F20 F8/F9.9 F4/F6 F2.5 T50/ T60 T25 T9.9 F150 (105) F115 (80) F90 (65.

Tim's Marine 13 1/2 x 15 Stainless Steel Outboard Propeller for Yamaha Engines 60-115 HP Reference No.6E5-45947-00-EL, 15 Tooth, RH. $279.00 Replaces most Yamaha 90 Degree V6 2-Stroke with a 1.86 Gear Ratio. For Counter Rotation only, do not use for Standard Rotation For application assistance, please find your engine model number and call 305-335-5843. Hello mcguilmd: >>All Two Stroke Engines will use a 50 to 1 Ratio using Today's Two Stroke Oils. I once had an Old Chainsaw probably from the 1950s, maybe Earlier 70s that had a sticker on it that said to use a 25 to 1 Fuel/Oil Ratio, but that would have been using Two Stroke Oils of the Time Period the Chainsaw was Manufactured Most outboard motors require a 50:1 ratio. How to Create the Oil Mix. Pour the correct amount of 2-stroke oil into a clean gas can. Add the correct amount of gasoline. Stir or shake the container to mix the oil and gas. Use the mixture within 30 days or add fuel stabilizer to extend the shelf life. 2-Stroke Oil Mix Calculator. For a 50:1 ratio. One trip, going below planing speeds due to heavy chop, recorded 61:1 (8-ounces oil used and 3.8-gallons of gas); subsequent ocean fishing trips mostly at planing speeds show 150:1 and 160:1 ratio (4-ounces of oil, 5-gallons of gas, then 9-ounces of oil and 10.6-gallns of gas). Figures are based on actual two-stroke oil usage and actual gas.

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  1. The higher mix ratio [thicker] oil like 100 to 1 will pour out of the bottle faster than the lower mix ratio [thinner] oil such as 32 to 1. Confused now, well don't be the answer is simple. The 100 to 1 mix ratio oil actually has a lower viscosity index ie 10 wt as opposed to 50 wt like you see on automotive oil labels for example
  2. Product Title Yamaha Outboard Yamalube 2M MARINE 2 STROKE OIL GALLON TCW-3 LUB-2STRK-M1-04 Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) out of 5 stars 3 ratings , based on 3 reviews Current Price $49.94 $ 49 . 9
  3. Guest. ·. #2 · Apr 26, 2008. 2-Stroke Crankcase (Transmission) Oil. Well, from my past experience with 2-Stroke Suzuki's you can use 10w/40 or 20w/50 (I preferred Castrol GTX) for this purpose successfully. NOTE that I am referring to the oil you put in the crankcase (transmission housing), NOT the Injector Tank for the engine (and crankshaft)
  4. Too much and you'll gum up the engine, too little and you risk engine damage. Most road-going two-stroke motorcycles use a fuel to oil ratio of around 25:1 however with a trials bike you need far less 2t oil, so a mix of 60:1 to up 100:1 is common. Recommended oil: Motul 800 Factory Line 2T
  5. The Yamaha manuals I have mention removal of the oil injection system as an option for competition and suggest a 40:1 gas/oil ratio. I have little experience here in changing the pump output, so I thought I'd get some expert advice from the folks at HVCcycle, 2-stroke specialists in Nebraska
  6. All About 2 stroke Oil Ratios. Interesting find 1983 Yamaha Tri-Moto 175 1983 Honda Big Red 200 1981 Honda ATC 110. 05-24-2006, 03:52 PM #2. Troll 2. I have had good luck by always using the same oil to gas ratio and the same oil brand. Anyway it's interesting..
  7. 29 Jul 2009. Messages. 6,247. Location. Winter in Falmouth, summer on board Rampage. I've got a 4hp 2 stroke Yamaha for the Hurley 18. Bought it off eBay for £175, paid to have the carb cleaned through (£30!) and it's not missed a beat since. Starts second to third pull and produces enough power for the job

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  1. Yamaha 4hp 4ac model (1980) I run at 100:1 because not only does it run well but moving the decimalplace 2 places to the left is easy.Incidentally in 1980 leaded petrol was the norm so I add a little additive when I fill my decanting 5 litre can
  2. Pit Posse PP3240 Ratio Rite Premix Oil & Engine Fluid Mixer Mixing 2-Stroke Measuring Cup with Lid - Racing Utility Jug 16:1 To 70:1 CC & Oz Measuring Marks - Debris Free Semi-Flexible Polyur 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,16
  3. Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T is suitable for all modern, high performance 2-stroke motorcycle engines from European and Japanese manufacturers. It is designed for both oil injection and pre-mix lubrication, as per manufacturers' instructions, up to a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1
  4. imum of 91 and Mercury or Quicksilver Premium Plus 2-Cycle TC-W3 Outboard Oil at a ration of 50 parts fuel to one part oil
  5. Because there is little load on a 2-stroke engine at idle but at full throttle that 20:1 ratio is needed to keep the thing from seizing up. Again, back in the day, there were three distinct kinds of 2-stroke oil, pre-mix rated, injector rated and pre-mix AND injector rated
  6. A two-stroke 90 at 4,000 RPM on a 1,600-lb boat will achieve planing speed just fine. ghh3rd: in my expperience with two-strokes, their fuel economy will get better as the motor breaks in and you switch to the normal oil mix ratio. You're never going to achieve the economy of a four-stroke but it will get a bit better - hang in there. ghh3r
  7. For very little money (see Used RDs sidebar, p. 70), you can take a trip back to the good old days, when two strokes were better than four. Yamaha RD350 Engine: Air-cooled, two-stroke twin; reed.

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The marine two-stroke oil is compatible with most outboard brands such as Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury Marine, Yamaha, Suzuki, Nissan, Force/US Marine, Mariner and Sears. Overall, it is the best 2-stroke outboard oil that can be used within a range of outboards and is excellent for reducing smoke during take-off 218 kg (480 lbs) Recommended Fuel. Octane 89. Recommended Engine Oil. Yamalube ® 4M (See owner's manual) Recommended Fuel Filtration Best 2-Stroke Oil EnduroCross #66 Ty Cullins on the 2015 Yamaha YZ125 two-stroke. With two-stroke dirt bikes coming back into favor — you can buy them from Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Sherco.

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Tiller: 6 hp, 4 hp, 2.5 hp. Yamaha's smallest Portables, the F6, F4 and F2.5, weigh in at as little as 37 pounds, with streamlined overhead-valve, one-cylinder designs. Their light weights, combined with built-in carrying handles, resting pads and an oil-leak prevention system for on-side storage capability create true portability V6 4.2 LITER. Digital: 300 hp, 250 hp. Mechanical: 300 hp, 250 hp, 225 hp. Yamaha's award-winning V6 4.2-liter outboards have been offshore favorites for more than a decade. Initially, boaters were attracted to their power, efficiency and intelligent design. After years of proven performance, our V6 4.2-liters have become known for something. on two stroke a compression test is quick easy and painless. on a 4 stroke it is a teat on a boar hog. I cannot tell you how many 4 strokes have passed a compression test with leaking heads,leaking valves and stuck rings due to carbon. yet the compression was good and the leakage rate above 70% Yamaha Outboards. Horsepowers by Year. 250 HP 225 HP 200 HP 175 HP 150 HP 130 HP 115 HP 105 HP 90 HP 85 HP 80 HP 75 HP 70 HP 65 HP 60 HP 50 HP 48 HP 40 HP 35 HP 30 HP 28 HP 25 HP 20 HP 15 HP 9.9 HP 8 HP 6 HP 5 HP 4 HP 3 HP 2 HP 2-Stroke 250ETXD 4-Stroke EFI Enduro Four Stroke HPDI HPDI VMAX Jet L250ETXD OI OX66 OX66 VMAX PBOI Tiller VMAX Yamaha PW50 Oil Mix Ratio. By looking in some dirt bike forums, there are some PW50 Oil Mix Ratio advice from some PW50 2 stroke owners. like 32:1, 40:1, 50:1 . every people has their own reason to do that.. So many people still have the rare dirt bike Yamaha PW50, but some of them still don't know the advanced treatment like oil mix ratio for.

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Engine Type 90 HP 2-STROKE. Lubrication Precision Blend Oil Injection. Fuelinduction Carb Loop Charged. Starter Electric. Ignition CDI/Computer. Alternator 10A. Shaftlength 20/508 (in/mm) Gear Ratio 2.00:1. Rated Speed 4500 r/min JET DRIVE PUMP 2005 & OLDER 2-STROKE; JET DRIVE PUMP 2006 & NEWER 4-STROKE; 85HP SERVICE MANUALS; 90HP SERVICE MANUALS; 115HP SERVICE MANUALS; 130HP SERVICE MANUALS; It also properly supports all Yamaha 2.8L In-line 4 cylinders and all 4.2V-6 engines and all 5.3L V8 engines. The kit comes complete with the eye bolt,..

For 2-Stroke outboards that require a 50:1 premix of oil/gas we've put together the following chart to simplify the calculations. Use ONLY 2-stroke outboard motor oil with an NMMA (National Marine Manufacturer's Assoc.) certified rating of TCW3. Never use automobile motor oil in your 2-stroke outboard two-stroke engines found in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), lawn and garden equipment, and marine engines. Two-stroke engines require an oil and gas mixture for a fuel source, and the oil and gas are mixed in a ratio specified by the engine manufacturer. Fortunately, the concern with ethanol blended fuels is primarily associated with older engines. The best 2 stroke oil for a dirt bike: Riders top 5 choices. 1. Motul 800. Without a doubt one of the most popular oils to see at the track is Motul 800. Motul claim that this oil exceeds the current JASO FD standard, and that it has one of the best lubricating formulations available. Motul 800 is ester based, which gives it the added benefit.

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PARSUN OUTBOARD MOTORS TE15BM. PARSUN TWO STROKE 15HP (E TYPE) OUTBOARD ENGINES FEATURES: 1. Innovative CDI variable-angle ignition system for easy starting, Increases combustion efficiency to optimize performance and fuel economy. 2. Add water cooling channel and better water cooling system, so the power performance is better Clean Used Late 80s - Early 90s Yamaha 70 HP 3 Cylinder Carbureted 2 Stroke 20 (Long Shaft) Outboard Motor. ID tag has fallen off, so exact year and model number unknown, but our technician is pretty certain it is from the late 80s or early 90s. Serial number imprinted on block is 465156 Maxima Racing Oils 10920 Quick-2-Mix Oil/Gas Ratio Mixing Bottle - 20 oz. Capacity. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 891. $8.77. $8. . 77. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 23. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

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Yamaha Warrior 350 Specs (2004 Model) Engine - Power comes from a four-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine with a bore of 83 millimeters and a stroke of 64.5 millimeters. The engine displacement is 348 cubic centimeters. A 36-millimeter Mikuni carburetor handles the air-fuel mixture with a compression ratio of 9.2:1 Bore x Stroke: 81 x 88.9mm (3.19 x 3.5 in) Prop Shaft Horsepower: 90hp @ 5500 rpm: Full Throttle RPM Range: 5000 ~ 6000: Alternator Output at W.O.T. 35 Amp: Compression Ratio: 10.0:1: Fuel Induction System: EFI: Weight † 160kg (353 lbs) - 164kg (362 lbs) Recommended Fuel: Octane 87: Recommended Engine Oil: Yamalube® 4M (See owner's manual. Yamaha 200-250hp 2-Stroke 20 Rebuild lower unit kit. Includes all seals, o'rings, bearing, gears and shafts for the lower unit. Fits most Yamaha V6 3.1 and 3.2 liter (76 degree) engines. 1993 to current. 1.81: 1 gear ratio (16/29 tooth count). 20 driveshaft. Standard rotation only

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  1. 2021 Yamaha 90hp 2 Stroke outboard motors sale-long shaft 90AETOL . Max. Prop Shaft Output : 66.2kW (90 ps) @ 5000 r/m Full throttle rpm range : 4500 ~ 5500 r/m Fuel Induction System : 3-Carb Starter System : Prime Start Starter : Electric Lubrication : Oil injection Bore x Stroke (mm) : 82.0 mm x 72.0 mm Trim & Tilt : PTT Gear ratio : 2.0 (26/13
  2. T9.9MXHS. Jet Series. 40EJRS. 40MJHS. 50EJRS. 90TJRS. 115TJRS. 200TJRS. A multi-national Japanese conglomerate founded in 1955, Yamaha Motor Company produces a plethora of vehicles including cruiser motorcycles, street motorcycles, ATVs, off-road motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, side x side UTVs, personal water crafts, speed boats, and.
  3. Yamaha 85HP 2-Stroke (1990-1996) Trim Tilt Motor. This Power Trim Tilt Motor fits the Yamaha 85HP 2-Stroke Carbureted Outboards. (These outboards were built between 1990 and 1996). These trim tilt motors are in stock and ship out the same business day if ordered before 3PM Eastern - after 3PM they will ship out next business day
  4. Used 1999 90 HP YAMAHA 2-STROKE OUTBOARD BOAT MOTOR 115 PSI ON ALL. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - Used 1999 90 HP YAMAHA 2-STROKE OUTBOARD BOAT MOTOR 115 PSI ON ALL. $3,995.95
  5. 75-40ps Enduro Models. Main specifications of the 75 to 40 horsepower Enduro models. E75B. E60H. E40X. E40G. E40J
  6. Replaces most Yamaha 90 Degree V6 2-Stroke with a 1.86 Gear Ratio. For Counter Rotation only, do not use for Standard Rotation For application ass.. $1,125.0
  7. F8LMHB Specifications. Engine Type. 2 Cylinder. Displacement. 197cc (12.0ci) Bore x Stroke. 56 x 43 mm (2.20 x 1.70 in) Prop Shaft Horsepower. 8hp @ 5000rpm
28 hp Evinrude OutboardUsed 25hp Outboard For Sale4hp Johnson Outboard Boat Motor For SaleRotax 582 Mod2007 30 hp Suzuki Long Shaft 4 Stroke Outboard