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  1. Prices for Fresh Whole Milk, 1939-2021 ($20) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for fresh whole milk were 1,075.09% higher in 2021 versus 1939 (a $215.02 difference in value).. Between 1939 and 2021: Fresh whole milk experienced an average inflation rate of 3.05% per year.This rate of change indicates significant inflation
  2. Class I Milk Price. By Hoard's Dairyman staff @hoardsdairyman. May 2021 Class I Price. Announced on May 19, 2021 — The June 2021 Base Class I (fluid milk) price was $18.29, up $1.19 from last month. That price is up $6.87 from a year ago. The next update is June 23, 2021. The Class I mover is announced on or before the 23rd of the previous month
  3. imize quality differences between eligible items, and to ensure that the resulting estimate is meaningful
  4. Chart: Milk (regular), (1 liter), Markets. Select Region: Africa America Asia Europe Oceania 1. Lebanon: 3.47 $ 2. Taiwan: 3.33 $ 3. Hong Kong: 3.07
  5. HIGHLIGHTS As of September 2018, the price of one gallon of milk ranged from $0.93 in Illinois to $4.69 in Hawaii. The price of one gallon of milk was less than $2.00 in 14 states. The price was between $2.00 and $2.99 in 24 states and Washington, D.C
  6. For one gallon of milk, (most people) in the United States think of the national weighted average price. The price for milk and in most cities according to the USDA is $3.50 to $4.00, compared to about $6.00 to 8.00+ for organic milk. (USDA Retail Milk Price Index 2020
  7. USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Information. NASS publications cover a wide range of subjects, from traditional crops, such as corn and wheat, to specialties, such as mushrooms and flowers; from calves born to hogs slaughtered; from agricultural prices to land in farms. The agency has the distinction of being known as The Fact Finders of U.S. Agriculture due to the abundance of.

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This is the average price of butter in January 2012. Data for January 2013 are not available. Milk average prices were recorded per quart in 1913 and per gallon in 2013; the 1913 average prices have been converted to gallon equivalents. Milk was further characterized as whole, fortified in 2013 How much is a gallon of milk? This statistic shows the average price of a gallon of milk in the U.S. 1995-2018. In 2018, the U.S. price for one gallon of milk amounted to 2.85 U.S. dollars

Love the quality of the milk for the price. Always try to purchase this when I place an order, have been very happy with this product. Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Angelia A. Young. 5.0 out of 5 stars Best Milk Ever! Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2019 Milk per cow averaged 1.1% higher, netting an increase in production of just 0.3%. USDA is forecasting 2020 milk production to be 1.7% higher than in 2019, the result of an average of 5,000 more cows and 1.7% more milk per cow. Dairy farmers lost a lot of equity from very low milk prices from all of 2015 until the last half of 2019, Cropp.

The Milk price comparison chart shows that price for Milk (Per Litre) in Ukraine is 250.88 % lower than the same Milk price in , Congo Other data of interest for the dairy industry include Milk Cost of Production Estimates and Price Spreads from Farm to Consumer. Older archived dairy data, preceding the data files below, is available from the Dairy Yearbook (last updated in September 2005) In 1913 bread cost an average of 5.6 cents per pound. Today according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average loaf costs $1.422 per pound. Milk went from 35.6 cents a gallon in 1913 to $3.53 in 2013 a roughly 10 fold increase. Eggs were 37.3 cents per dozen in 1913 and now average $1.93 per dozen Milk cost of production estimates since 2016 are based on the 2016 Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) data from milk producers, with subsequent updates based upon annual price changes. Estimates for 2010 through 2015 are based on the 2010 ARMS data from milk producers, and 2005 through 2009 are based on the 2005 ARMS data from milk.

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  1. Minimum Prices. OGOs. PA Milk Marketing Areas. Newsletter. Weigher/Sampler Renewal App. Milk Marketing Board > Pricing Information > Map of Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Areas. Begin Main Content Area Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Areas.
  2. The average price paid for milk in NI, in March, was 30.47ppl, 3.24% higher than the average paid in GB. Prices paid on non-aligned contracts were 0.51ppl below those for aligned contracts in March. The GB 5-year average price was 28.16ppl in March, up 3.4% from the same the month in 2020, when it was 27.25ppl, showing the relative stability of.
  3. The Milk price comparison chart shows that price for Milk (Per Litre) in Brazil is 184.21 % lower than the same Milk price in , Congo. Milk Price 0 2 4 6 8. Year
  4. Gallons of milk are arranged at a Milwaukee grocery store on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012. The 2008 farm bill expired in September. If Congress fails to pass a new farm bill by the end of the year, or at least extend certain provisions, milk-pricing rules will revert back to those outlined in a 1949 law causing milk prices to double
  5. On this page you will find the monthly average prices data for Farm-gate Milk price related to All Milk, Class II, Class III and Class IV, as recorded in the US. All Milk prices, collected over the last three years, are listed in the table and in the two charts, both in € and in local currency. The table and the two graphs below show the historical series of monthly average prices of All.

It usually costs more per gallon than nonfat dry milk, but less per gallon than fresh whole milk. A 3-1/2 pound package makes about 3-1/3 gallons of milk. Divide the cost per package by 3.33 to determine the cost per gallon of reconstituted whole milk. Powdered whole milk is high in protein, calcium and Vitamin D Borden 1% Low-Fat Milk, 1 Gallon. Since 1857, Borden has been making delicious and nutritious dairy products that deliver true happiness and Elsie-sized smiles. Our real, fresh Borden 1% Low Fat Milk comes only from cows not treated with rBST, has 68% less fat than whole milk and provides 9 essential nutrients in every glass, including 25% of. Description. This spreadsheet calculates milk price with the formula used in the Mideast Federal Order. To calculate a milk price for the Northeast Federal Order, the somatic cell count adjustment can be set to zero. Users can calculate their current price, project milk price at various levels of fat and protein, evaluate income over feed cost.

U.S. dairy market: milk sales 2005-2020. This timeline shows the total milk retail sales in the United States from 2005 to 2020. In 2020, total organic and conventional fluid milk sales amounted. 1930: 26¢ per gallon. In the Roaring '20s, milk was 35¢ or so per gallon. But when the Great Depression hit in 1929, fewer people could afford milk and dairy farmers still had a lot of milk to sell. The price dropped from 35¢ per gallon to 26¢ per gallon. It doesn't sound like much, but 9¢ in 1930 is about $1.09 in today's dollars Gallon of gas .25¢ Gallon of milk $1.06 Loaf of bread .21¢ 1st class postage stamp .05¢ Pay phone (local call) .10¢ Look Magazine .25¢ an issue Life Magazine .35¢ an issue Life Magazine 1 year gift subscription (51 issues) $5.00 Sunshine clothes dryer by General Electric $99.95 Thom McAn Shoes $9.95 Arrow staple gun $12.5 A gallon of gas was 25-cents. The basic cost of living increased roughly 18 times in the 50 year period between 1964 and 2014. The price of other common items reflects the standard of living of the times. Two cans of Coca Cola were 27-cents. A pack of cigarettes was $1.60. A new Ford Mustang was $2,320. A ticket to the movies was $1.25 to $2. A.

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Prices for 1951: House: $7,300 Average income: $3,515 Ford car: $1424-$2253 8.3 cu. ft. General Electric refrigerator: $330 Milk: $.92 Gas: $.20 Bread $.1 So, the price plants paid for Grade B milk was used as the base price for Class 3 milk in all FMMO's and the mover of Class 1 and 2 prices. This was known as the M-W price. Class 1 prices around the US were based off of the distance from Eau Claire, WI. As the amount of Grade B milk declined, the M-W price series was replaced in 1995 by the. Annual milk cost of production estimates vary by State and the size of operation. These estimates are shown below. For national and regional annual milk cost of production estimates, please go to commodity costs and returns.. Milk cost of production estimates since 2016 are based on the 2016 Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) data from milk producers, with subsequent updates based.

The price of one gallon of West Texas Intermediate crude is equivalent to about half a gallon of Class III milk, the benchmark traded on the Chicago futures market. That's the lowest ratio since. Individual prices include for a barrel of beef, pork or flour; for bread, rice, cheese, suet and butter by the pound, and for gallons of molasses, vinegar, and spirits. Clothing prices are itemized for suits ($19 each), caps, pairs of shoes, watch coats, and knapsacks ($1 each) Prices in New Hampshire, 1808 Price in US$ for ton US - Price of Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) Nonfat Dry Milk, Low Medium Heat Mostly Source: USDA 2.852 $ 2019 2020 2021 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1.500 2.000 2.500 3.000 3.500 As of Aug. 7, 2018, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline ranged from $2.57 (Mississippi) to $3.77 (Hawaii). As of Aug. 7, 2018, average gasoline prices per gallon equaled or exceeded $3.00 in 11 states and Washington, D.C. The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline on Aug. 7, 2018, was $2.86 Vintage 10 Gallon Steel Milk Can w Lid Dairy Farm Fresh Barn Find KW. $59.99. $30.48 shipping. Nice 10 Gallon Galvanized Red Milk Can . Country / Cowboy / Decorators. $85.00. $32.50 shipping

A gallon (16 cups) of Walmart's brand of whole milk was $2.98. A half(ish) gallon (seven cups) of Fairlife whole milk was $3.50. Do the math: Fairlife is more than double the milk we regularly buy (we always stick with the store brand)! I was intrigued though about what the fuss was about Fairlife, so I decided to quickly grab one Fairlife. Europe: Farm-gate milk prices. In this section, we list the monthly average price data for farm-gate raw milk, as recorded in certain European countries and regions, representing different price formation areas. 1. Farm-gate raw milk. 2 How much does a gallon of milk weigh? A US gallon of milk weighs approximately 8.637 pounds, a quart weighs 2.16 pounds and a pint weighs 1.08 pounds. These weights are based upon a milk density of 1.035 g/ml. Weighing gallons of water. The precise weight of water varies according to its density, which in turn depends on its storage temperature Milk Market Observatory PRI.EU.Milk Data completed up to : Source: Regulation (EU) No 2017/1185 Article 12(a) - Annex II.4(a) (prices of raw milk at real fat and protein content paid to milk producers) m a . ark y a d e n y rus a a rg ary ta s a d al aa en EU (without UK) % EU (withou

Prices for meats, fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, milk and more foods, as well as gasoline, electricity, natural gas and other residential energy. To view data back to 1980, click the green Historical Data icon in the rows, then use drop-down boxes near the top of the page to set start and end years. Midwest U.S. food and fuel prices US Retail Gas Price is at a current level of 2.945, up from 2.939 last week and up from 1.951 one year ago. This is a change of 0.20% from last week and 50.95% from one year ago. Report. Weekly Retail Gasoline and On-Highway Diesel Prices. Category Calibration chart service. To measure the amount of fluid in a tank, each milk cooling tank is equipped with a measuring stick (also called dip stick). This stainless steel pin is basically a ruler. From the end to the top, little marks which indicate millimeters and centimeters can be read. When dipped into the fluid, the change from wet to.

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Large 4-pound boxes of powdered milk are available in most markets. A box this size will make 20 quarts or 5 gallons of liquid milk. At an average cost of $8 to $9 per box, this is the equivalent of less than $2 per gallon, making it fully half the price of fresh milk at this time. Reconstituting Powdered Milk Gallon of gas .25¢ Milk: $1.01 Loaf of bread .20¢ 1 lb coffee .77¢ 1 lb cornmeal .11¢ Postage stamp: .04¢ Average yearly income $5,016 Average house $30,000 Brook Trout: .59¢ T-Bone steak $1.09 lb. Sirloin Tip Steaks $.89 lb. Nestles Quick 1 lb can $.39 Two 15-ounce cans of Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee Spaghetti (with meat balls) .45 The product and airspace thermometers relay time and temperatures to the AJ 311 chart recorder during pasteurization which guarantees each batch of milk has been heated and held for the appropriate time and temperature given by the Pasteurizing Milk Ordinance (PMO). Anderson-Negele Website . Price: $3,700.0 Weekly Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices (Dollars per Gallon, Including Taxes) (ULSD) price became fully represented by the Diesel Average All Types price. As of December 1, 2010 (September 1, 2006 in California), any on-highway diesel fuel sold is ULSD as mandated by EPA on-highway diesel fuel regulations. EIA did not collect weekly retail. Cost of Living in Canada. Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,245.97$ (4,026.01C$) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 905.62$ (1,123.25C$) without rent. Cost of living in Canada is, on average, 0.75% higher than in United States. Rent in Canada is, on average, 18.05% lower than in United States

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The Gas Price Charts on GasBuddy can give you a wide range of variables and data points to compare. You can choose to view prices in US or Canadian dollars and compare the average retail gasoline price versus crude oil pricing. Pick from a variety of time frames and specific locations to help with predictions about whether gas prices are going. Gasoline futures hit a six-year high of $2.3 per gallon in early July, following a rise in crude oil prices amid reports that Saudi Arabia and Russia reached a preliminary deal on raising oil output today. The deal will likely include monthly oil output increases of less than 0.5 million bpd until December 2021, slightly less than previously expected June 02, 2010 04:07 PM. How Much Stuff Cost In 1960. In 1960 a new house cost $12,700.00 and by 1969 was $15,500.00. In 1960 the average income per year was $5,315.00 and by 1969 was $8,540.00. In 1960 a gallon of gas was 25 cents and by 1969 was 35 cents For a container of organic almond milk, however, the cost was $3.99 for a 48-ounce container. This container, unlike the $1.99 version, only had water, almonds, salt and added minerals listed as the ingredients. Brand. Average Price Estimate. Blue Diamond. - $3 per 0.5 gallon container. - $4 per 96 fluid ounce jug. Califia Farms

Summary of cost of living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Family of four estimated monthly costs: $5,980. Single person estimated monthly costs: $3,621. Cost of living in Honolulu, Hawaii is more expensive than in 85% of cities in USA (8 out of 47) Cost of living in Honolulu, Hawaii is more expensive than in 86% of cities in N. America (9 out of 59 Massachusetts Retail Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Prices. Weekly average data, state-wide, $ per gallon, self-serve, including 24.0 cent Massachusetts Excise tax, 2.6 cent underground fuel tank cleanup charge, and 18.3 cent Federal tax Borden Vitamin D Whole Milk, 1 Gallon. Since 1857, Borden has been making delicious and nutritious dairy products that deliver true happiness and Elsie-sized smiles. Our real, fresh Borden Whole Milk comes only from cows not treated with rBST and provides 9 essential nutrients in every glass, including 25% of recommended daily value of calcium.

This nonfat milk powder comes in a bulk 50 lb bag, so you can store at room temperature with long shelf life and still enjoy months after purchase. Can be used as an ingredient for dry blends in baked goods or reconstituted as liquid milk. Yields about 47 gallons of milk making it a great value for the price Glanbia lifts base milk price by 0.5c/L. Glanbia Ireland will pay a base price for December of 30.68 cpl (including VAT) for creamery milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein. The base price increased by. — A Holstein cow in Wisconsin, Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET, has set a new single-lactation national milk production record: a 365-day record of 77,480 pounds of milk. That's more than 9,009. This continuous historical price chart for Corn futures (C, CBOT) is part of a huge collection of historical charts that covers decades of North America futures / commodity trading. In addition to continuous charts, the collection includes thousands of single-contract historical price charts that cover individual contract months from years past Califia Farms Dairy-Free Unsweetened Pure Almond Milk - 48 fl oz. Califia Farms. 4.3 out of 5 stars with 253 ratings. 253. $3.99. Shipping not available. Not at your store

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  1. This is looking at price changes since 2000 and goes out to 2014. A barrel of oil has plunged since this chart was made (still up 100 percent from 2000). Ironically the savings aren't passed to consumers since a gallon of gas is still expensive. The average home price is up more than 50 percent
  2. Good old cow's milk is relatively cheap (around $1.50 per half-gallon), easy to find, and seriously good for you. If we were going to be stranded on an island, milk would be an amazing food.
  3. Milk - Production, Measured in Lb 10,276,000,000 Crops - Planted, Harvested, Yield, Production, Price (MYA), Value of Production † Sorted by Value of Production in Dollar
  4. The Milk price comparison chart shows that price for Milk (Per Litre) in Canada is % higher than the same Milk price in , Congo. Find a country. Go. Enter a country name. Compare price. Vs. Compare. we need your help ! What is the price of. Rice (01 Kg) in Canada? US; Enter this price (or Update more.
  5. Milk has traditionally been sold in the U.S. in pints, quarts and gallons, a custom that seems destined to stay. Still, when people tell you Americans will never cotton on to the metric system, don't believe it. There are many products measured in metric only (or primarily) besides soda in the U.S. These include wine, liquor, medications and.
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  7. Homemade almond milk: $9.99 a pound for grocery store almonds, or $3.75 for the 6 ounces of almonds needed to make 14 ounces of milk ($0.27 per ounce). For a recipe using double the water, that would cost $0.14 per ounce. Silk almond milk: $3.00 for 64 ounces ($0.05 per ounce) If I tried to make it in a 64-ounce quantity it would cost me $17.28.

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Since one gallon is equal to 0.133681 cubic feet, you can use this simple formula to convert: cubic feet = gallons × 0.133681. The volume in cubic feet is equal to the gallons multiplied by 0.133681. For example, here's how to convert 5 gallons to cubic feet using the formula above. 5 gal = (5 × 0.133681) = 0.668403 ft³ How much does a gallon of milk cost in 2020? January 2020 Highlights: U.S. simple average prices are: $3.52 per gallon for conventional whole milk, $3.48 per gallon for conventional reduced fat 2% milk, $3.99 per half gallon organic whole milk, and $3.99 per half gallon organic reduced fat 2% milk. What was the price of milk in 2000 Click here for a detailed map of Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Areas. Pricing Spreadsheets Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 Area 5 Area 6. For prices prior to 2016 contact Cliff Ackman at 717-787-4194 or cackman@pa.gov

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Year: January: February: March: April: May: June: July: August: Sept: Oct: Nov: Dec: AVG. 2018: 16.5512: 15.9425: 15.6708: 16.4466: 16.5571: 17.6648: 17.3355: 16.6173. Whey Protein Price History. Since its introduction in the 1950s, one of the major advantages to feeding milk replacer has been a reduced cost compared to feeding whole, salable milk. But, increasing price volatility since 2000 has led to milk replacer costs exceeding $60 per bag for standard products containing 20% protein, 20% fat and all-milk. Where do they do their shopping. I can buy a 2 liter bottle of coke for $0.99 on sale or about $1.50 at regular price! I also pay about $3.25/ gallon for milk in Iowa! OJ doesn't cost $7 per gallon! $3.50-4.50 in Iowa

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For the farm-fresh flavor, our milk is gently pasteurized to preserve natural vitamins and minerals, keeping your family's milk as pure and wholesome as you expect. Quick View. Alpenrose 6% Chocolate Milk - Half Gallon. Half gallon of rich, creamy 6% chocolate milk that's rBST-free. $4.99 1970s - 1980s: A rollercoaster ride. In the early 1970s, there was a domestic dairy shortage. As a result, prices shot up. Milk prices went up 30% in late 1973 2.The government tried to. Prices for 1954: House: $8,650 Average income: $3,960 Ford car: $1548-$2415 Milk: $.92 Gas: $.21 Bread $.17 Postage stamp: $.03 Swiss Cheese: $ .69 lb The Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) is said to be based upon a 1982 Base for ease of thought. But in actuality the BLS set the index to an average for the period from 1982 through 1984 (inclusive) equal to 100, so there is no specific date when it was exactly 100. (If you check the chart below you will see it was somewhere between July and August.

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  1. Qs', as illustrated by the chart on the right, shows how much will be sold. While the purpose of the legislation was to increase the availability of milk, the new quantity offered for sale is less than the equilibrium quantity. Milk producers would rather pour the milk onto the roads than take it to market at that price
  2. imum wage was 40 cents per hour. In 1949, a pound of bacon was 50 cents and a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes weighed 13 ounces and cost 19 cents. A can of Campbell's Tomato Soup went.
  3. Fresh Milk Price List June 2021 - Philippines. 435 Products. Fresh milk products from trusted brands like Magnolia, Bear Brand, Anchor, and Alaska are some of the safest and best dairy products in the Philippines, offered at reasonable prices. Adult milk, low-fat milk, and milk powder are sought after by many Filipinos for their quality.
  4. Using average milk prices from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of $3.45 per gallon, the decline in milk sales represents an annual decline in fluid milk sales of $1.7 billion. Based on USDA's farmers' share of the food dollar estimates, the decline in fluid milk sales represents $884 million per year in farm-level dairy cash receipts - and.
  5. Prices paid to farmers have dropped even as retail prices have risen. The retail price for a gallon of milk averaged $3.27 in April, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor.
  6. ation of the Class 1 milk price. Only the fat and SNF components are used to set the Class 2, 3, 4a and 4b milk prices. Class 2 and 3 prices are adjusted bimonthly according to their pricin

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Prices Product prices of milk and dairy products declined sharply in 2014-15 due to decreased global demand and increased global production. Global demand for processed dairy products has dropped as the People's Republic of China (hereafter China) has decreased its import demand, largely for. Antique Milk Cans Price / Value Guide: Browse FREE Antique Milk Cans Price & Value Guide. FIND 1000's of Antiques, Art, Vintage & RARE Collectables - each item pictured, described and with it's price guide. Plus TODAY's SELECTED Antique Milk Cans for Sale, BEST OFFERS, Auctions, Appraisals, FREE Sales Advice, FREE Sale Prices, Values, Wish list and more.. The average price of a gallon of milk was $2.89 in 2001 and dropped to $2.72 in 2002, Thomas said. However, the prices of other dairy products, like cheese, have increased over the past year. Cheese is the fastest-growing dairy product, Thomas said

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Milkshakes on Sale All Week! Shake it up with this week's Milkshake Sale! Your favorite Stewart's ice cream flavors blended to perfection. Try seasonal flavors like Raspberry Cheesecake or Piece of Cake, on sale this week for only $2.99! Sale ends 7/04 2 Allowable options for fluid milk substitutions are yogurt, cheese, soy beverage, and tofu. 3 At least one half of the total number of breakfast cereals on state agency food list must be whole grain

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One of these staple items is milk — although Almost All Aldi did find, in a May 2019 price check, that the Aldi price on a gallon of whole milk beat out Walmart's by just a single cent. How can Aldi keep its price on milk so low? In part, that has to do with Aldi's overall shoestring operating costs. Smaller stores, shorter opening hours. The strong change in the milk price (and ranking) of Belgomilk compared to 1999 (+11.4%) is the result of the low (annual) milk price for 1999 caused by the dioxine-crisis. In 2000 prices for basic products such as milk powder and butter were relatively very high and is a main reason for the increased Belgomilk milk prices

9 of 10. Gas prices are notorious for fluctuating wildly. During Obama's tenure, the national average for a gallon of regular gas has been as high as almost $4 in 2011 and as low as $1.85 a gallon. A gallon of milk only cost you $0.93 in 1964. Today? About $3.93, but milk is bad for you so don't bother. Drink almond milk! (That's $3.38 for a half gallon) Farmgate Milk Price. A farmgate milk price is the price farmers receive from processors for the milk they produce. Australian farmgate milk prices are based on the milkfat and protein content of the milk produced on-farm, with different prices for each component. Unlike many countries around the world, the Government has no legislative control.