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c. 930 BC (depending on source): King Solomon, son of King David, built the First Temple in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah. c. 586 BC: The Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the First Temple and exiled the Jews. c. 530 BC: Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, allows many Jews return from Babylon and began to rebuild the city and its walls 586 BCE - Babylonian Forces Destroy Jerusalem and Demolish First Temple Persian Period (539-322 BCE) 539 BCE - Persian Ruler Cyrus the Great Conquers Babylonian Empire, Including Jerusalem 516 BCE - Cyrus Permits Jews in Babylonian Exile to Return to Jerusalem; Second Temple Buil The return of the exiles to Judah, and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, was accomplished in three main stages. The first and main party returns with Zerubbabel 538 BC. They rebuild the temple. A second party returns with Ezra about 80 years later The rebuilding of the temple started with Cyrus the Great but was completed under the reign of Darius I. This is recorded on the Bible Timeline Chart with World History about 500 BC. After the fall of Babylon to the Achaemenid king Cyrus the Great in 539 BC, the exiled Jews were absorbed into the vast Persian empire The rebuilding of the second temple of Jerusalem started in c. 521 BCE under Darius I (Ezra 5) and was completed in Adar 3 the - 6th regnal year of Darius I. According to our time, this would have been about March 12, 515 B.C., six weeks before the Passover. The temple was finished and also probably dedicated the same day (Ezra 6: 16-18)

According to John 2:20, it took forty-six years for the temple to be completed, but it was only completed during the procuratorship of Albius. Which means it took more than eighty years to complete the temple. It was destroyed by fire less than a decade later by the Romans when Jerusalem was besieged by Titus Since 1987, when the Temple Movement began preparations for the rebuilding of the Third Temple, efforts to see this become a reality in the 21st century have been slowly progressing It is a clue to God's timetable because when the Temple is rebuilt the Antichrist will be set to confirm the covenant with Israel and begin the last 7 years of history for this age. Jesus will come at the end of this 7 years to claim His throne and begin His 1000 year millennial reign The issue of a rebuilt third temple in Jerusalem upon the Temple Mount in the last days should actually be broken into two categories of discussion: 1. The view of Orthodox Jews (they deny Jesus is the Christ and that the New Testament is also the Word of God), and 2. The clear teaching of God's word concerning the matter of a literal.

Stones for the rebuilding of the Temple are prepared. 18 The actual rebuilding of the Temple is begun by Herod. 10 The Temple is completed in AD 63 but about 5/4 there is a dedication ceremony; this also marks approximate year of the births of John the Baptist, and Jesus of Nazareth. 04 The death of Herod the Great. BCE to CE/AD. 26-3 An Israeli political party official wants to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He doesn't want to wait for years. He wants to begin now. Of course, there's a practical problem because the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Then there's the theological problem. Rebuilding the temple excites modern-day prophecy experts who claim the. Zechariah 6:12-13 also supports the idea behind the Messiah rebuilding a temple during His rule as King of all Kings here on earth. After the first temple was built on its predetermined site on Mt. Moriah (Temple Mount) in Jerusalem, that site is the exclusive location for the sanctuary and the offering of sacrifices. (1 History of the Church, Joseph Smith 5:337 Judah must return, Jerusalem must be rebuilt, and the temple, and water come out from under the temple, and the waters of the Dead Sea be healed. It will take some time to rebuild the walls of the city and the temple, &c.; and all this must be done before the Son of Man will make His appearance Temple rebuilding begins: 536: Ezra 3:8: Adversaries oppose the rebuilding: 536-530: Ezra 4:1-5: Temple rebuilding ceases: 530-520: Ezra 4:24: Temple rebuilding resumes (2nd year of Darius) 520: Ezra 5:2; compare Hag. 1:14: Temple construction completed (6th year of Darius) 516: Ezra 6:15: Ezra departs from Babylon to Jerusalem (arrives.


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The rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple was prophesied by Jeremiah to occur at a very specific time. We can trace the fulfillment of the prophecy through the biblical book of Ezra and the parallel historic records of Babylon and Persia The Beginning of the 490 years: 457 BC In the year 536 B.C., 50,000 Jewish exiles, empowered by Cyrus' decree, returned to Jerusalem. Their city lay in ruins, but they began rebuilding the temple, laying its foundation and also began working on building their homes The Destruction and Reconstruction of the Temple by Tamara Cohn Eskenazi. The Destruction and Reconstruction of the Temple. The Jerusalem temple said to have been built by Solomon was destroyed in 587/586 B.C.E., when the Babylonians captured the city, torched it, and exiled the Judean leadership to Babylon. Second Kings describes the final days In 54 bce, however, Crassus plundered the Temple treasury. Of major importance was the rebuilding of the Second Temple begun by Herod the Great, king (37 bce -4 ce) of Judaea. Construction began in 20 bce and lasted for 46 years. The area of the Temple Mount was doubled and surrounded by a retaining wall with gates

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The repatriation of the Jews under Ezra's inspired leadership, construction of the Second Temple on the site of the First Temple, refortification of the walls of Jerusalem, and establishment of the Knesset Hagedolah (Great Assembly) as the supreme religious and judicial body of the Jewish people marked the beginning of the Second Temple period. . Within the confines of the Persian Empire. As a result, Alypius of Antioch is commissioned to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and Jews are allowed to return to the city. [40] 363: The Galilee earthquake of 363 together with the re-establishment of Christianity's dominance following the death of Julian the Apostate at the Battle of Samarra ends attempts to build a third Temple in Jerusalem

This casts doubt on the accuracy of the prophecy and its fulfillment. The prophecy and its fulfillment are measured from the destruction of the temple in 586 BC and the rebuilding completed in 516 BC. The rise and fall of kingdoms is of lesser importance in God's thoughts than keys dates and events in true worship and the chosen people Two large bridges connected the Temple with the city on the west. While the main part of Herod's rebuilding was completed before his death in 4 BC, the work went on for more than 60 years after that. When Jesus visited the Temple at the first Passover of his ministry it was said that the place had by then been under construction for 46 years The fourth day of the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Wall marks the start of the first Seven Weeks of Daniel's 70 Weeks prophecy. This forty-nine year period covers the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the 70 years of Babylonian Exile are 'completed', a total of 71 years (Jeremiah 25:11-12) • Rebuilding the temple started in the 2 nd month of the 2 nd year after arriving in Jerusalem (Ezra 3:8) • After starting to rebuild the temple, the surrounding people came to foil the plan of rebuilding the temple (Ezra 4:1-4) the period of temple rebuilding (520-516) Zechariah gave four messages. Ezra 6:15 the third day of the month Adar, in the sixth year of the reign of King Darius The temple was completed 515BC The temple was completed in Adar (February-March) of 515—21 years after the work started in 536, and 4 1/2 years after Haggai began his prophesying

538BC Cyrus releases Jewish exiles to return to Jerusalem and issues decree that they are to be given supplies and freewill offerings for the rebuilding of the temple. (Ezra 1:1-11) About 50,000 people return under the leadership of Zerubbabel, Jeshua, and nine other leaders. (Ezra 2:2 all Jews in captivity were free to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. About 539 B.C. the first contingent of 50,000 Jews began the 800-mile trek to their native land. Under Zerubbabel, a descendant of David, the work of restoration commenced. First, the altar was rebuilt so that the Jewish form of worship could be revived. The first si The rapture may occur before or after the temple is built. Scripture only requires that the temple be built by the middle of the tribulation. The only real answer will be personal experience. If Christians see the third temple built, then the rapture will occur later. If Christians are raptured and the temple does not exist in Jerusalem, then.

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I said, 'This is the year to move the embassy and make that declaration because it is a biblical timing of absolute precision,' Hagee said. Thank God, he's going to do exactly that. Meanwhile. One is the decree of Cyrus, issued somewhere between 538-536 B.C.E., which concerned the rebuilding of the Temple (2 Chronicles 36:22-23, Ezra 1:1-4, 6:1-5) and of the city of Jerusalem (Isaiah 44:28, Ezra 6:6-12), issued in the year 521 B.C.E.; it was a reaffirmation of the decree of Cyrus At Jerusalem the first order of business was to rebuild the altar of the Lord and reestablish sacrifices. Also, the Temple was to be rebuilt with donations of material and money (Ezra 3:1-7). The primary lesson for the new arrivals was to put the Lord first in all things (cf. Prov. 3:6) 597 BCE. Babylonian king Nebuchadnezar captures Jerusalem . 586 BCE. Destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem and exile of upper class Judeans. 37 BCE. Herod the Great is installed as King of Judaea. Rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem . 37 BCE - 4 BCE. Reign of Herod the Great over Judea Letter From King Artaxerxes Stops Rebuilding in Jerusalem. The rebuilding of the Temple and Jerusalem was stopped until the second year of Darius, son of Ahasuerus. According to Ezra 6:6-12, King Darius allows the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Temple to continue a little over three years later in 471 BC

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  1. 2 The rebuilding of the Temple Cyrus's decree had initiated had petered put. The Jews began work on the Temple again and then wrote, asking Darius's permission. In his second year, Darius replied, granting that permission. The work continued, and in his sixth year, the Temple was dedicated (see Haggai 2:10-18 and Ezra 6:15). Bibliograph
  2. Rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and renewal of the Covenant (Nehemiah 10:1) 318 Conquests of Alexander the Great Table 2: Chronology of Events According to Most Historians Source: Steinsaltz (2018, p. 3) King Year BC E Main Events Prophets of the Era Nebuchadnezzar 586 Destruction of the First Temple Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Danie
  3. Cyrus issues decree to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem. A company of exiles return under leadership Zerubbabel and Joshua. 2 Ch 36:22-23; Ezra 1,2. 536. Rebuilding work on temple commences. Ezra 3:8. 535. Samaritans frustrate the rebuilding work, which grinds to a halt. Daniel mourns, fasts and prays for 3 weeks. Ezra 4:1-4; Dan 10. 52
  4. plans to rebuild the jewish Temple in Jerusalem. 361/363. Empress Aelia Eudocia lives in exile in Jerusalem. 437. 460. Church of St. Stephen is built. 438. Jerusalem becomes a Patriarchate. 452. Jerusalem benefits from the investment of Emperor Justinian I. 527. 565. Nea Church. 543. Madaba Mosaic Map. Jerusalem is capture
  5. 536 BC (About 2500 years ago) Some of the Jews who had been exiled in Babylon return to Judah and begin work in about 536 BC to rebuild the Temple, which had been destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC. These events are described in the Bible's books of Ezra and Nehemiah. Next: Second Temple is dedicated. Proof of the accuracy of Bible prophecy
  6. David captured Jebus (Jerusalem) and made it the capital of Israel, calling it the City of David. It sat on a mere ten acres, south of the modern walls of today. A short video in the timeline illustrates what the City of David may have looked like in David's day. Add the Temple Mount—971 BC - 931 B

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The Roman Destruction and Rebuilding of Jerusalem. For the city of Jerusalem, the First Judean Revolt against Rome culminated in the capture and demolition of the city in 70 AD by general and future emperor Titus Flavius. This was followed by the eventual rebuilding and renaming of the city as Aelia Capitolina by Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD, then. Then, in 587 BC, the Temple was totally destroyed by the Babylonians. About 70 years later, the Babylonians were defeated and Cyrus the Great of Persia allowed the Hebrew people to return home and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. This Temple was appropriately known as the Second Temple. Alexander the Great conquered Judea in 332 BC The Babylonians also destroyed the city of Jerusalem and the Temple, in 586 B.C. In Daniel 9:24-26, Daniel delivers a prophecy that Jerusalem and the Temple would be destroyed, again. Within these verses, Daniel provides a chronology by which certain events would occur. First, the Jews would return from captivity and rebuild Jerusalem and the.

At some future time the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will be taken out of Islamic control and secured for Israel. A very significant Middle East peace will be confirmed and guaranteed. This rebuilding of the Temple will at some future time be permitted by a major world power, superpower, or international power The first is Cyrus' decree in his 1st year to rebuild the Temple which Josephus confirms also included rebuilding Jerusalem as stated in Isaiah's prophecy about Cyrus and this is dated to 539 BC. The second is Darius I's decree in his 2nd year to complete the Temple dated to 520 BC which saw its completion a few years later in 516 BC

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The answer is seen in Ezra 9:9, which says that the Jews had begun rebuilding the wall before Nehemiah, and indeed had erected some kind of a wall by the time Ezra arrived in Jerusalem. Here is the historical scenario, as I see it: Jeshua and Zerubbabel and their associates returned to Jerusalem in the first year of Cyrus Virtual Israel Tour Day 61: Rebuilding the Third Temple-----SUBSCRIBE to the CBN News Channel for more: http://youtube.com/c/CBNnew.. Mount Moriah is Mount Zion, the Temple Mount in the heart of Jerusalem. Grace determines the character of the place of the Temple. It was not a place where people provided for God's needs, as so many temples of other gods seem to do. It was a place where God provided for the needs of His people (1 Kings 8:31-53)

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Jerusalem at the time was in the grips of a mayoral election and the Sanhedrin urged both running candidates, Ofer Berkovich and Moshe Lion, to rebuild the temple The Temple in Jerusalem or the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash בית המקדש in Hebrew) was built in ancient Jerusalem and was the center of Israelite and Jewish worship, primarily for the offering of sacrifices known as the korbanot.It was located on Jerusalem's Temple Mount.It was the center of ancient Judaism and has remained as a focal point for Jewish services over the millenia Haggai ministered among the Jews who had returned to Judea after some 70 years of exile in Babylon. The Persian ruler Cyrus the Great captured Babylon in 539 b.c. In 538 he permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem so that they might rebuild the temple ( Ezra 1-2 ). The work of rebuilding stalled, however, when opposition arose ( Ezra 3:1-4.

Create a Timeline Now; History of Ancient Israel Print PDF Zoom Out Main Persian King, Cyrus, authorized the rebuilding of The Temple of Jerusalem, and was completed in 515. Ezra the Scribe 430 BCE Ezra, leader of the priestly class, a priest and scribe, began to revise the stories of the people to reveal the hand of God. Many people think. Temple rebuild was started 536BC, then there was a break of fourteen years. The temple rebuild project restarted again in 520BC and finished 516BC. Walls around Jerusalem were not restored until Nehemiah arrived in 445BC. Zerubbabel in Hebrew means: Shoot of Babylon. Zerubbabel was also known as Sheshbazzar c. 700 BCE. The temple of Apollo is built on the island of Delos . 650 BCE - 600 BCE. Heraion, temple dedicated to Hera built at Olympia . c. 650 BCE. The first temple in honour of Apollo is built at Delphi . 570 BCE - 530 BCE. The Doric Temple of Hera is built at Metapontum, Magna Graecia . c. 550 BCE The Millennial Temple. The first one is the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. This will be the fourth and final Temple built on the earth. The Bible states that the Messiah will build the Temple for the Millennial Kingdom: 12 And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh the LORD of hosts, saying, Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH; and. The Destruction and Rebuilding of the Temple of King Solomon King Solomon's Temple stood for 420 years. However, during that period faith and worship of the Lord among the Jews wavered. There were times when they turned to idolatry and had to brought back to the path of righteousness

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Cyrus issues decree to begin construction of the temple (Ezra 1:1-4) Isaiah said Jews would return under Cyrus to rebuild Jerusalem 200 years before Cyrus (Isaiah 44:26-28; 45:1,13) Zerubbabel returns with 49,897 (Ezra 2:2) / Zerubbabel is the governor under Cyrus and/or Darius (Haggai 1:14; Zechariah 4:9) -perhaps a 4 month trip (Ezra 7:9 The public decree provided for (1) the rebuilding of the Temple at Jerusalem, (2) the return of all captive Hebrews to Judea on a voluntary basis, and (3) the contribution of financial assistance to the returning Jews by their compatriots who chose to remain behind, as well as by their Gentile friends 586 The Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and the Temple (9th of Av) 586 Jerusalem's walls and gates are burned with fire. 586 Third wave of Jews deported to Babylon . 586 Babylonian Exile (Galut Bavel) begins. 586 End of Biblical (First Temple) Period. 586 The end of the monarchy in Judah. 539 The Fall of Babylon. 539 Beginning of the Persian.

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  1. 20 BC Herod the Great begins to rebuild the Jerusalem temple and completes it in 18 months. Herod also rebuilds Hebron, Jericho, and Caesarea. 18 BC Herod completes temple. 12 BC Herod completes temple precincts. Fourth Temple built by Christ in 33 AD. 2 BC Jesus is born and Herod the Great kills all the children under two years old: Mt 2:1
  2. According to Jewish voice: This passage speaks about the Messianic Age when all Israel will be saved and restored to the Land of Israel. At that time, a righteous descendant of David, the Messiah, will sit on the throne in Jerusalem, and the Temple will again stand complete with its Levitical priesthood.. Since 1987, the Temple Movement has begun preparations for the rebuilding of this.
  3. Ezra 3:1-13 Rebuilding God's Temple. The church relives the same situation after the Second Temple's foundation was relaid during Ezra's time, waiting for its full completion. Ezra 3 mentions two foundations; the first foundation refers to the altar's foundation (Ezra 3:1-6), while the second is the temple's foundation (Ezra 3:7-13)

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  1. JESUS stated that not a stone of Jehovah's temple would be left standing upon a stone —a prophecy that was fulfilled when the Roman army under Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 C.E. Later, Emperor Julian planned to rebuild the temple.. Julian has been called the last pagan emperor of Rome. This nephew of Constantine the Great received a so-called Christian education
  2. Appendix C. A BRIEF TIMELINE OF THE END TIME. Prophetic Time References. Dan. 7:25 The saints will be given into the hands of the Antichrist for 3½ times. [literally a time, times and a half a time.] Dan. 8:13-14 From the time the regular burnt offerings are stopped until the sanctuary is restored will be 2,300 days
  3. The current value of the biblical half shekel is $12.00. All half shekel donations made to the Temple Institute will go toward the physical, spiritual and educational preparations necessary for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple! DONATE NOW! YouTube. The Temple Institute. 53.1K subscribers
  4. The temple was rebuilt less than 100 years later as a holy site, before being destroyed by the Roman Empire in 70 CE and starting an exile of the Jewish people. Rebuilding the temple — that being the third temple in Jerusalem — has important value in Jewish and Christian scriptures in the Book of Ezekiel. Where will the new temple be built.
  5. I think that permission to build a new Jewish temple in Jerusalem will be a part of the seven year term treaty that the Antichrist will make concerning Israel (Daniel 9:27). I think that Erdogan will sit in the new temple in Jerusalem when Turkey attacks Judea and Jerusalem during the middle of the seven year long Tribulation period
  6. The timeline below reflects some of the critical periods in the city's history: Romans destroy the city and the second Jewish temple, rebuilding Jerusalem as a Roman city based in Christian.
  7. Judah must return, Jerusalem must be rebuilt, and the temple, and water come out from under the temple, and the waters of the Dead Sea be healed. It will take some time to rebuild the walls of the city and the temple, Etc.; and all this must be done before the Son of Man will make his appearance. ((Joseph Smith, HC 5:337)

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  1. Temple Work Begins: Ezra 3: 534 BC: Adversaries Hinder Temple Work: Ezra 4: 534 BC: Artaxerxes Orders Work Stopped: Ezra 4:17: 520 BC: Tattenai's Letter to Darius: Ezra 5: 520 BC: Temple Work Resumed by Darius' Decree : Ezra 6: 515 BC: Completion and Dedication of the Temple: Ezra 6:16: 458 BC: Ezra Journeys to Jerusalem: Ezra 7: 458 BC: Ezra.
  2. 'Let me go to Jerusalem,' Ne·he·miʹah says, 'so that I may rebuild the walls.' King Ar·ta·xerxʹes is very kind. He says that Ne·he·miʹah may go, and he helps him to get wood for doing some of the building. Soon after Ne·he·miʹah comes to Jerusalem, he tells the people about his plans
  3. 520 -515 rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. c. 580 - 500 Pythagoras develops theory of metempsychosis: transmigration of souls . 509 Roman Republic established. 508 Cleisthenes introduces democratic government in Athens. 486 first performance of a comedy in the Dionysia of Athen
  4. Haggai urged the restored community to rebuild the temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem saying that Yahweh would bring the wealth of the nations to the city if the community would complete this task. c. 520-515 BCE: The author of the first eight chapters of the book of Zechariah lived at the same time as Haggai (under the rule of Zerubbabel). He.
  5. g himself to be God
  6. A few facts about the Jewish Temple and the Temple Mount: · The Temple Mount site exists in Jerusalem. · Today, in 2007, here is no Jewish Temple. · A Jewish Temple has not existed since 70 AD. · Today, the Temple Mount is partially occupied by the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock mosque

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  1. Opposition to the rebuilding of the Temple came especially from the nobles who had taken control of Judea after the exile. They were probably closely related to the aristocracy of Samaria. Among those who encouraged the project were the prophets Haggai and Zechariah. The rebuilding was resumed in the second year of the reign of Darius (521 B.C.E.)
  2. In 1986, the Temple Institute was founded with the objective of seeing Israel rebuild the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. They are building the temple in waiting by preparing architectural designs and constructing the actual articles to be used in the new Temple
  3. In 168 BC, the Greek king Antiochus IV Epiphanes invaded Jerusalem and captured the city. He marched into the Jewish temple, erected a statue of the Greek god Zeus, and sacrificed a pig on the altar of incense. This provoked a revolt in Judea as the Jews fought to remove Antiochus' sacrilege from the temple
  4. After Babylon fell and the Persian Empire rose to power, the King of Persia allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall and the Temple. The book of Nehemiah is the narrative of.

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The fulfilment of this prophecy can be found in the books of Nehemiah, Ezra and Haggai in which we read about the rebuilding of the second Temple, the city of Jerusalem and the city's wall. By these scriptures we know that the Messiah must come after the second Temple is built and before it is destroyed Cyrus clearly proclaimed the rebuilding of the Temple (2Chron 36:22-23 and Ezr 1:1-3) but just as clearly did not proclaim or decree to rebuild Jerusalem, though Cyrus allowed Jews to go to Jerusalem to live while rebuilding the Temple, and God's unequivocal words in 2Chron 36 and Ezr 1 state that Cyrus fulfilled Jeremiah's prophecy, not Isaiah. September has many Bible timeline events including the Fall Feasts, the Creation Week, and the dedication of the First Temple. Let's look! September 1 - Elul 24 The building of the Second Temple Began: The first group of captives left Babylon and arrived in Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. The rebuilding of the Second Temple began. Haggai 1. The state of Israel is a fact, and Jewish authorities are preparing to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. The appearance of the red heifer, the falling stone, the thick mist, and the slithering snake all are seen as prophetic implications that the time is ripe As the book of Ezra recounts the building of the Temple, so the book of Nehemiah gives us the story of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. This is a significant order, for always the way back to God after a period of declension and captivity to evil must begin within the human spirit--the temple of man

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A Palestinian man runs away from tear gas during clashes with Israeli security forces in front of the Dome of the Rock Mosque in the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem's Old City, May 10, 2021 In the first year of King Cyrus, Cyrus the king issued a decree: 'Concerning the house of God at Jerusalem, let the temple, the place where sacrifices are offered, be rebuilt and let its foundations be retained, its height being 60 cubits and its width 60 cubits; with three layers of huge stones and one layer of timbers. And let the cost be paid from the royal treasury

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This disclaimer is important, because if Cyrus did indeed order the rebuilding of both the temple as well as Jerusalem, then it shows that his decree must have been the one that is in view in Daniel 9:25: Know therefore and understand: from the time that the word [dabar] went out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the time of an. Zerubbabel, also spelled Zorobabel, (flourished 6th century bc), governor of Judaea under whom the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem took place. Of Davidic origin, Zerubbabel is thought to have originally been a Babylonian Jew who returned to Jerusalem at the head of a band of Jewish exiles and became governor of Judaea under the Persians A timeline from Abraham to modern-day Israel, a Christian Bible-believer's perspective. The history of Israel starts with God's dealings with Abraham and the promises that God made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God gave the Law to Israel through Moses and warned the Jews that if they disobeyed Him He would scatter them throughout the earth. That has happened in history The Jews gained their independence from the Seleucid Empire in 164 BC. under the Maccabees and Hasmoneans. At this time, Jerusalem began to be rebuilt along with its walls. During the Hasmonean period 164-63 BC, a wall was added to the northern part of the existing wall. It would be this city layout that would exist during the time of Christ This temple was destroyed by the Babylonians from southern Iraq in 587 B.C. Many Israelites were taken into exile in Babylon. When the Persians from Iran conquered Babylon in 538 B.C., they allowed the Israelites who wished to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple

This is an important point. Jerusalem in 445 B.C. had still not been restored. It was still just a territory, a communal campground of sorts, a loosely knit community of returned exiles. The exiles of Judah had gathered around their rebuilt temple. There they tried to rebuild their lives and homes. They found shelter in their houses Today, on the Fast of Av, Jews throughout the world mourn the destruction of the two Holy Temples of Jerusalem and pray for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. But one organization has been doing. The long term goal of this organization is to do as much as possible to bring about the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in our time. A Short Chronology of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (Personal Page, Lambert Dolphin) Brings together history from all ages, in timeline form, for a complete record of the Temple Mount. Reflects some political. About 50 years after that, the Persian King Cyrus allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. Alexander the Great took control of Jerusalem in 332 B.C Daniel was born toward the end of the First Temple period in approximately 620 B.C. In 605 B.C., King Nebuchadnezzar took the 15-year-old Daniel as one of many captives from Jerusalem to Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar returned to Jerusalem in 597 B.C. and took additional Jewish people captive to Babylon

The Roman Siege of Jerusalem; Timeline of the Second Temple Era . The First Temple . The Temple was built in the time of King Solomon. Solomon was the son of King David, who had conceived the idea of building a Temple for God. Construction of the First Temple. The Bible tells us of the construction of this Temple in the Book of I Melachim (I. When all is said and done, it doesn't matter what Jews or false prophets say about the 3rd Temple; it matters what scriptures say. There is indeed evidence that a 3rd Temple will be built, but the Bible doesn't say that it will be built before the rapture. The following scriptures are some that a person provided when asking about the 3rd. http://bit.ly/VG6Vw6From our series, Step by Step Through End-Time EventsWhat events will have to happen before the temple can be rebuilt in Jerusalem?Have.. Ezra 3. - A Foundation for the New Temple. A. The restoration of regular worship in Jerusalem. 1. (1) Beginning in the seventh month. And when the seventh month had come, and the children of Israel were in the cities, the people gathered together as one man to Jerusalem. a S olomon's Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC on the date in the Jewish calendar 9th of Av, or Tisha B'Av. The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans on the same date, Tisha B'Av, in 70 AD. Rome's destruction of the Temple began in 66 AD, when Roman Emperor Nero appointed General Vespasian to put down a revolt in Judea

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